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20 Oct 2015

UK Design Education

Killing the cass would be a tragedy for british design

I would be interested to see how many positive articles the Guardian ran on UK HE design education and its economic merits over the last few years.

Does it really take the almost inevitable closure of an Art School for ‘good’ coverage? (Expecting CASS applications go up)

The press needs to wake up to the ongoing destruction of UK Design Education! Short sighted profit and misunderstanding around design education have seen many Art and Design Schools adjusted (by management) to fit models that they think suit smaller floor space and require just a “Mac”. Of course anyone that teaches in the creative industries actually knows this is pure nonsense for any creative discipline be it games design (aka seen as digital) or jewellery. (aka seen as physical)

Image of Diogos Arcade Cabinet

Diogo Lopes a recent Graduate’s Final Major Project was a game and custom built cabinet and experience.