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30 May 2014

Web Teaching Day - Manchester MET

Paul Bason

How MMU is dealing with Digital How do you bring digital together cross faculty. “Digital does not belong to computer science” Telling the MMU Digital Story coherence bottom up

  • full time journalist

digital innovation group - mission statement NEW Warehouse space. Space for startup (graduates) - biz incubator / tech hub RDF ? Funded ?? £10 a week drop in desk Cross discipline managing serendipity - MIT really want to work with artists bring people together via hackathon

Richard Riley,US secretary of education quote - “preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist”


bottom up - in big institution this is still a lot of people - city has helped. lot of SMEs / networking groups RSA connection important… co-branded events - polcies

Chris Murphy

#opencurriculum culture of shared learning

  • wikinomics

  • here comes everybody

  • we think

  • the wisdom of crowds - 2005

github on curriclum

Building Curricula better, togther - github rouge lecturers

for teaching for

Github dev day Github have an education team

20 people accepted

  • of half found repro and wanted join

Really good feedback from industry on level 2 of programme

Lot of feedback - twitter

if this then -> GITHUB

Elizabeth Gardiner

Libby Foundation Degree blocked social media ! FE

Newcastle A lot of Mature students going to FE for web skills (25+)- really important to the course (lower cost) @lrnn - student - revamping eLearning system? (15 students) - sketch signposting and flexible teaching

@libwella talking about signposting, flexible teaching & work based projects matched to learning outcomes within FE #webteachingday


discussion about marketing ‘course names’

eConsultancy - to connect to jobs

twitter questions to ask @industry expand the classroom

facebook college profile ? - read receipt

“blackboard they never check it (I can post but they cant)”

facebook for comms twitter for out there

16 year old taster session. Facebook to bring in social understanding - dunbars number etc / privacy

board of tweets (awesomewall)

Richard Eskins - Agency Ready

multimedia Journalism course UG at MMU Free Treehouse for year 1 students UXD Unit starting soon if it costs more than microsoft office strategy

Level 5 (year2) sprint sheets / weekly sprint meetings working in groups

RWD - Liam Richardson of Sigma - exercise on foundation - loads of code unknown - Interesting for grid potential as a ‘framework’ - github

Level 6 (year 3)- Agency ready SEO, html emails

UXD - mixed from all programmes azure - free for Universities UXD is hands on asked what they do in UX jobs in industry @lizziedyson NUX 2 - ux group

Guerrilla testing - take ipad / laptop onto the streets with people.

UX testing report delivered as a video (max 15mins) - maybe zero

maybe take it from 12 weeks to 24 prototype an answer.


image responsive html email job’s specificity nightmares removed by sticking to classes

Mark Davison

data protection warning - i will pass on your URL’s to clients etc (student response fast)

  • rapid response list
  • p.s email

linked in ‘stalk’ graduates lots of vacancies come from graduates graduates are a great resource graduate speaking how to be a successful freelancer whilst being a graduate

The Drum (magazine) - company visits speed networking attend tech meet ups

speed networking

send out requests for invitation elevator pitch table shuffling excel sheet :D

scotland - is a lot of women developing (cbbc) women in ICT

  • opensource coming back…

target employment not employability

linkedin - tags that cant be seen.

workshop on how to network.

David Watson

MA Web Design and Content Planning - programme leader

Overlap of MA students - final crit in front of new cohort Applied Art for the web ROI Gender mix 50/50 20-30 students each year 1 day per week (enables students to workfull time)

staff introduced as learner. archival / transient

email - asynchronous - think time

3 line whip to use moodle - “we have use it but its extra as no ‘bugger’ looks at” moribund

Forum.. (screen shot) - look at

students not on twitter miss out on useful info - retweets etc

this week on the web session

whatsapp used to talk about the course - because ‘staff’ is not on it

students want there own unofficial communication space


Telegram - phone and pc app? Kik - on phone

curation of content versus ephemeral

14 year old email “too slow” Probably too big in chunks unlike chat

book ? last email sent by anyone under 20 - timeline

channels we sanction ’they’ will avoid generation division social media -not music anymore

social media may well be marking the difference in generations.

next year going to use #slack


not going to solve the back channel thing - but dont worry about it

bad ’tutorial’ advise from mature student to other via WhatsApp

clicks - around comms..


John ?? book guy

Examples of what students really struggle with

wrap up

outreach to other web programmes throw slides and notes ustwo