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13 Nov 2012

Franchise v AFC Wimbledon - FA Cup

So the day has been decided via the FA Cup draw and respective wins, as a cup game the gates and revenue are split 50/50 with the franchise. My personal choice is there is no way* I’m entering that ground, yet my club miss out on my money, even a home game would have thrown up the same question for me. The players, will know why I’m not there. The club know my support is still there.

A league game at home would have been different, level pegging and they don’t get any of my money and of course no need to consider travelling ever!

The club can’t make a statement, but the trust or WISA should, no must.

What I will do though is donate the cost of my FA Cup ticket(that I would have considered buying had it been any other football team) direct to AFC Wimbledon.

*unless there is some amazing mass protest WISA/Trust thing that we can all get behind.