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13 Dec 2012

Avoiding Tax

Ok I do not know much about tax to be frank but this is how I see it.

As an educator the service I ‘sell’ is to educate people and to have use this service I am paid, I sell my service in the UK. My bank is in Bermuda however and thats where you pay me. So I dont pay any UK tax on what I sell.

Just sounds odd but Coroprations do this all the time and its deemed as fine becasue it’s ’legal’ its avoidance and not evasion. Also when you see corporations on the other hand try to gain rights to act like a person.

If that was they way I ran a global company I would not be proud, I dont even think I could say I was using the system fairly… but as Mr Google said “Thats Capitalism”

To note as an individual I will take advantage of tax allowances and tax relief, I personally do not consider what Google and others are doing is this pratice at all.

Google Boss proud of tax Avoidance

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