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23 Nov 2012

Event Photography (changed forever)

I like making statements sometimes in my lectures/ talks and one that I have made a few times recently is that I think that a service like Instagram will change Event Photography forever, if it has not already.

By Event Photography I mean a broad range from Local Football, to the Olympics, Weddings and Bar Mitzvah’s.

The iPhone has revoltionized photography and journalism, anyone anywhere can capture pictures and video, look at the coverage of Hurricane Sandy, the best view, in fact the real and up to date view of the whole event from start to finish came from Citizen Journalists, mainly young teenagers shooting video on mobile devices.

With instagram you can comment and tag people by using the good old @ , and you can have albums using hastags. #wsashows2012 was the tag we used for all the events we host at WSA during 2012 in particular the Degree Show, this captured a unique and varied view of the show that no marketing could ever achieve.

My brother in law is getting Married and so I am setting up a hashtag for both Instagram and Flickr to encourage guests to capture and share their view of the event. There will be no official photographer.

Now do NOT get me wrong I understand the art of photography and I am not talking about that, I am talking about capturing the moment, the event and quite possibly the best way will be via Instagram.