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Why I will no longer be active on facebook

So I have decided to no longer be an active user on Facebook. I will not post, like or share within or to Facebook anymore, I’ll slowly disconnect my accounts and will also consider seriously working on any facebook connectivity within my own or freelance work.

It was revealed that facebook have been performing experiments on its users, one that we are aware of and that I take particular umbrage with, they have been manipulating our timelines by displaying more or less negative or positive friends links, updates and media and capturing if this effects the positive or negative nature of our own future posts, it was determined that if fed negative posts more frequently that in turn our own posts would turn more negative, demonstrating that your emotional state of being can be manipulated, not ground breaking research mind, however as much as I did not read all the terms and conditions, this personally massively oversteps the mark, the emotional well being of people has ramifications that can have huge impacts on there lives, actions are guided by our feelings both good and bad, and without making this clear and upfront many will not be aware of the terms.

Facebook users relinquish the use of their data for “data analysis, testing, [and] research.”

A friend of mine use to sign up for clinical trials, it was always a worry for me however they signed the documents and more importantly were monitoring or stationed within a hospital and in exchange for this data they were paid and should, due to the process have understood the ramifications, it was unfront.

Physiological experimentation’s on facebook users is totally unacceptable.

The issue of course relates to our data as this is what Facebook needs to make money, it could not charge a subscription high enough to even not do this and whether thats from advertisers or healthcare corporations, it mines this data to provide profit for its shareholders, facebook’s business model will not change, to a point I was tolerating some of this exchange but not anymore. Ill be considering my position on instagram and I understand that unless I am Richard Stallman perhaps some of my actions to remain on other networks or to even just view facebook may seem hypocritical, but until an alternative and viable model and service is available I will only suggest others think about the [Terms of Services](Terms of Services Didnt Read) they use and what civil liberties they are happy to forego.