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20 Mar 2013

New Art of Making Books Conference Notes


Afternoon session 13:15 - My RAW unabridged random notes #naomb

My Pics and video

ladies of the press @ladiesotpress

vanilla galleries : vimeo

Print created during performance Live Press piece

department of things to come

performance of a book

letterpress angie

Afternoon’s theme seems to be on almost instant print publication via performance, data gathering & printing anywhere anytime #naomb #fun


the idea of a process (publishing) that is seen tradtionally as slow and archival , can be fast , portable and ephemeral, perhaps more akin to the web

Expanding the medium (Chaired by Ryan Bishop)

Sarah Bodman and Tom Sowden – University of the West of England

sun moon and stars press books and film

angie waller the most boring place on earth

parasiteic twenty six gasolines stations 2.0

print on demand

Two women discuss Smoking in the shower bookcases

Radoslaw Nowakowski - Artist the end of the world accordin to emeryk

FISH - Robin Sloan - tap essay


56 Broken Kindle screens

someoneelsesholiday - picked up 35mm camera rolls from charity shops and published

Photography converted into Base64code

Helen Douglas

process towards the digital Apple rejected app - 1 reason give about user exprience - yet the scrolling book felt like it had a very nice UX

Karen Di Franco – Book Works

Archiving the process

UDK Berlin. Martin Conrads / Franziska Morlok

copy right copy left text - text cant be read unles xerox’d

The Fisherman and His Wife (by the Grimm Brothers) by transferring money to his bank they would publish the book on his statements does the bank know it is publishing who is then infringing copyright

book of pure QR codes

QR book but requires password

romeo & juliet book of emails

lack of haptics due to love letters being email

Goethe - book - glued pages together but little bookmark with URL

shortened version of text bound inside longer text on metamoprhes

the book of sand post digital remix rearrange the words in a book to alaphetcally order

This is not the end of the book (book) amazon TOC used to create book of new texts

Lost in the Translation Translated 10 times and back to english then generate text and makes a new script

zoom in book

High brow hipster book used as cover to hide the fact you were reading from an iPhone #naomb

Panel round up / discussion

??? Glen Dave G perhaps framed the day a little strangly with comments about limited knowledge of making and wasting time.. grab a book

Time attenton material possible lost with the digital (clean) - hmm possibly time span?

Apple is controlling artistic criteria. #naomb

Binders go bust due to open access policy as PhDs etc don’t need binding…

Comparisons to film

Digital archive software department at soton ?