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13 Nov 2012

Volvo - Pilling Motor Group Hemel Hempstead

I leave here a copy of my correspondence with the following company and a record of a very horrible phone conversation with one of the Managing Directors Kevin Pilling. I am still in shock at how horrible over the phone he was to me.

I would advise you not to purchase anything from this company as this is unfortunalty typical in the way they deal with customer issues. I have a unanswered complaint from 2006 about the ongoing delays to actually install this windscreen in the first place - which I will also publish here shortly.

On 13 Nov 2012, at 12:41, Adam Procter wrote:

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for taking my call, and advising that my email was “not worthy of any response” and that my claim is a facade. You seemed to recall my email very quickly from just my name.

I shall be taking legal advise and ensuring that local and national press are aware of your quite horrible tone after questioned if you felt it was acceptable for no one in your company to respond to me.

I found you to be very rude. Your comment “I was kind enough to take your call” is insulting and as a customer that spent in excess of over £50k with your company I am in shock that you feel that you can speak to someone like that.

Yours Sincerely Adam Procter

On 15 Oct 2012, at 18:24, Adam Procter wrote:

Dear Chris.

I have yet to receive any response from anyone. Please can a response be forthcoming with details by the end of this working week. After that I will be seeking legal advise to take the matter further.

Yours Sincerely Adam Procter

On 23 Aug 2012, at 08:42, Chris Shaw wrote:

Dear Mr Procter.

I can confirm receipt of your email to which I sent directly to my directors to deal with.

I have been away on holiday for the last two weeks and my directors have also been away I will chase the progress today and come back to you via email

Kind Regards

Chris Shaw

—– Original Message —– From: Adam Procter Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 6:49 PM Subject: Re: Volvo V50 KH06 XEK - rust under windscreen

Dear Mr Chris Shaw,

Please can you confirm receipt of this and my original email sent 19 days ago.

Yours Sincerely Adam Procter

On 26 Jul 2012, at 15:19, Adam Procter wrote:

Dear Mr Chris Shaw,

Here are the details as requested.

When I purchased my Volvo from Pilling Hemel Hempstead in 2006 the car was picked up by myself and I then found it have a large chip on the windscreen, the chip had been sustained whilst the car was used as a test car (it had around 900 miles on the clock) before I purchased it.

After a lot of phone conversations it was finally agreed that this was damage sustained before I owned the car and that Pilling Hemel Hempstead would replace the screen for no cost.

Fast forward to 2012, the car received a chip on the windscreen which meant the screen needed to be replaced, as soon as the AA Autowindshield man removed the windscreen he asked;

“Has the windscreen ever been changed on this car before”

I explained it had.

He then showed me the rust under the screen in one spot and advised the following;

When removing a screen you will scrape some of the paint work but before putting a new screen on you should use black anti rust paint around the entire area to ensure that it is re-sealed.

He said that this had obviously not been done properly before and thus over the subsequent years the area has started to rust.(see 3 photo attached of the damage)

I spoke to Volvo and they advised that this would not be covered by the Anti Corrosion Guarantee as it was damage sustained by the installation of the windscreen and that I needed to take this up with Pilling Hemel Hempstead.

I would like the following;

You arrange for the screen to be removed, the body work to be repaired and the windscreen put back on at your expense at a location confident to me, as this was damage done by the company you used to replace my screen in 2006.

Thank you for your time

Yours Sincerely Adam Procter