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21 Nov 2012

Lectures, workshops, text - An approach to learn.

Some things you may know, some you probably didn’t. Some maybe you should… The important thing with any text (whether written or presented) is to take something and then work with it. At the end of any session (including lectures), ask yourself not what didn’t make an impact, but what did. What thing that the speaker said or showed made you think or laugh, reminded you of something else… and importantly, as designers, made you want to create something. If it was just one thing, fine, Note that down in a single sentence and then your work begins. Dig at it. Worry it. Mindmap it. Turn it round. Look it up on Google. Doodle around it. Ask someone about it. Write it. Sing it. Cook it. Try it as a picture, a film, a model made of matchsticks… whatever. Take that idea/quote/person/artwork as a starting point. make it your own.

Wise words originally penned by WSAMACD staff.